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Episode 116: Feedback...From The Future!!! Big news this episode, as I reveal I’m going on a brief hiatus until next Thursday—by when a new Aliens You Will Meet episode will be on the feed—but before I go, I gotta clean out the inbox and go through some feedback!

I’m not one to leave you unentertained, so here’s some suggestions for daily content elsewhere:

Cristiana’s Shallow Thoughts:
Mur Lafferty’s News From Poughkeepsie:
Distorted Veiw Daily:
100 Word Stories:
Feast Of Fools:

And, just because you should be listening to it anyway, J’s Indie/Rock Mayhem:

Also, Panda’s Flicker:

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Aliens You Will Meet - Jucynog Duthor You will break your arm during a fight with Jucynog Duthor in a bar on Pingos.  While Jucynog’s effort to hurt you may seem overzealous, you will say some horrible things about her mother.

Normally, you would be given instructions on how to avoid this altercation, but seeing as how, years from now, you and Jucynog will be the best of friends because of this fight, try to consider the big picture as she snaps your forarm like a twig.

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Episode 115: The Remarkable Journey of the Duncan Brothers I sit down with genius internet filmmakers Brant and Ian Duncan, creators of such instant classics "Overdrift," "Assassinz," "The Crystal Tape," and "The Remarkable Journey of Higgins Von Higgins." 

We talk about how their movie about drift-racing and dinosaurs came to be, the perils and bonuses of working in a short-film format, and the beauty of putting your entire first act into one sentence.

The Duncan Brothers website:

The Duncan Bros's Channel on YouTube, and on Myspace.

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Episode 114: God Of War

There’s blood up to the windows. It must have seemed like a good idea at the time, to stack the bodies in the Mercer Building, to get ‘em off the Rail. But I can’t help wondering if the allusion to gore behind those art-deco panes is worse the actual carnage.

At least they’re off the Rail. At least there’s that.

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Episode 113: Mash And Burn I say it's high time we had somemore mash-ups around this place.

After all, listening to more than one song at once can be considered multitasking.

“Together As One? was mashed-up by DJ Earworm. You can find it and other mash-ups at

“Standing In The Way Of Contact? was mashed-up by A plus D. You can download it and other mash-ups at

“Burn Your Radio? was mashed-up by Instamatic. You can download it and other mash-ups at

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Episode 112: The Readyness Is Nothing “The readiness is all,? says Hamlet, but is it really? How do we know we’re ready, really?  The catch is, the only way to know you’re ready is to throw yourself out there, and see if you are.

I didn’t feel I was ready, this weekend.  I wasn’t ready to pitch a comic, and certainly not at a convention as nuts as New York Comic Con.  I didn’t feel like what I had to show was “good enough.?

But, as listeners of this show know, “Crap is published all the time.?

Or, as Molly Crabapple, founder of Dr. Sketchy’s put it: “There’s no way to know if something is publishable, until it’s published.?

This episode featured “Shrink Proof? by Wicked boy. More information and work by this artist can be found at

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Episode 111: Pros and Cons On the road and more than a little delirious, I decide to compare and contrast the differences between the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention and New York Comic Convention

Both are celebrations of commercial art and the commercial artist, but one seems to be, well, cooler than the other. 

And not just because tattoos hurt more.

As for details about what I was doing while at NYCC, you'll have to wait for next episode..

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Episode 110: When You've Swung From A Hook... While at the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention I was lucky enough to get to speak with some suspension artists from around the country about suspension, why they do it, and what they get out of it.

Special thanks to:

Spliff, Ji Ji, and Genj of the DisGraceland Hook Squad,

Joe and Amato of Skin Mechanics Suspensions,

Jared and Tracie of Nu Ethix, and their gallery

Stitch of Ascension Suspension,

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Aliens You Will Meet - Weyaw The denizens of Weyaw, home of the intergalactic fast-food franchise Squishburger, will invite you to dine upon their famous food, the Squishburger.  Be prepared to tell them it tastes exactly the same as the many times you’ve had it through out the galaxy, as consistence is something they strive for.

Resist the tempation, however, to tell them that their “consistant taste? is one of cardboard drenched in sewage.

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UltraCreatives Interveiw #10 It’s an UltraCreatives “two-fer? today: You’re getting TWO interview episodes for the price of one! Today’s first episode is with Jared Axelrod, a podcaster, writer, actor, director, puppetmaker, costume maker — there’s very little this man can’t do, which is why it was a thrill having him on the podcast.

In the podcasting community, Jared is best-known for his “Stories from Free Planet X? podcast. J.C. Hutchins and Jared speak at length about that and his other creative endeavors. It’s a hoot, and you’ll learn a lot about the life of a multi-faceted artist.

There’s tons of news for listeners to learn about, including coverage in The Washington Post and the groundbreaking “audience participation? invitation for all 7th Son listeners for the 7th Son: OBSIDIAN short story anthology … but there’s no time to do it in this episode. Expect an informal “Beta Clone Army Update? episode in a day or two.

Find Jared Axelrod on the World-Wide-Everywhere:


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